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. . A Novel by Douglas Christian Schroeder   .


Chapter 1
Ask Chief



Ish tak ha ba

... I drove back to the field for another truck load. When I got back to the grain elevator there was a crowd of people waiting for me. I drove the truck up on the scale turned off the engine, got out of the truck and walked over to the people. Again they asked me for my number. I gave them the finger again and walked on down the road. I walked into town to the bar, sat down and ordered a beer by pointing to the beer sign that said, "Blitz Weinhard". The bartender brought the beer over. I paid him. I sat drinking the beer and starring into the mirror behind the bar. After about fifteen minutes the sheriff comes in the door. He came over to me and started talking about somebody has to pay for a load of grain and that it was just like an Indian running to the nearest bar. There is only one bar in town! He stood beside me talking and waving his hands around, looking like a clown or something. Finally after seeing that he wasn't going to get any response from me ,he walked out of the door. Soon he was back with his deputy. The deputy was just about as big as I am.. Chief stands back letting go of the tree and putting his arms out as if the tree could see him. He goes back to hugging the tree and talking. The deputy was a pretty mean looking dude. They came up to me and the sheriff says, we are going to have to take you down to the station to answer a few questions I looked them over, remembering the last time something like this had happened to me. I had resisted and I got the shit beat out of me in the back seat of the police car. I learned my lesson that time.. I looked at them, finished my beer in one gulp, shrugged my shoulders and got up and walked out of the door with them.
After refusing to speak for two weeks in the jail, they sent me to the bug farm over there. Because my parents were alcoholics, they said I had foetal alcohol syndrome or some such thing.
After being in there for some time and not speaking, I busted out and I am now here asking for your help. Please tell me how to get away from here and down into town!
The voice comes into his head again and it says, I hear you and this is what you have to do. You go through this patch of woods, make a right at the sidewalk that you will come to, walk a half a block, then left over the street and down the alley. You walk three blocks down the alley and you will come to the back door of a bar. There is a sign that says, "Wigwam". You well be able to hear the music. A lot of Indians hang out there. Inside you will find a very large white woman. Her name is "Big Cherry". Go up to her and ask her if she has any mushrooms. The rest will work out. Now go quickly they will looking for you soon.. It would be a good idea if you started speaking again. You have been silent long enough. NOW GO! Thanks man, says Chief over his shoulder as he runs through the woods toward the street. He finds the sidewalk ,makes a right. He walks half a block makes a left over the street and down the alley just as instructed. Down the alley he runs, at full speed. He does the three blocks in no time flat. There is the sign the "Wigwam". Chief goes in the back door and into the main room, that is filled with drinking people. Most of them Indians. He spots amazon of a white women. She is shooting pool with a little guy, who looks to be only about five feet tall. He is also white. He has on sun glasses. He doesn't have much hair on the top of his head, just wisps here and there. The big white woman ,towered over him and she was something was something to behold. She looked to be well over six feet tall, with long brown hair that came down to her waist. She had on black patent leather boots. They came up to and past her knees. She had a yellow tee shirt on. On the front , in big black letters it said, I SUCK COKS. She had no bra on under the tee shirt .She had huge round well formed tits. She wore a pair of skin tight denim shorts. They looked to be many sizes too small for her. She had large well formed bottom. It was very muscular. She looked like she was an ice skater or dancer and to be between 25 and 30 years old.
She had finished running her fifth ball in a row into the pockets of the pool table when Chief walks up to her and says, I need mushrooms for my religious ceremony. Can you help me out?. The woman turns and looks him up and down, without saying a word, turns back to the pool table and runs the rest of the balls into the pockets. She puts down her cue stick on the table and motions for chief to follow her.
Together they walk towards some booths in the back of the room away from the pool table. As she passes the bar she holds up two fingers to the man behind the bar. He nods at her and goes back to drying his glasses. He is an Indian. His braided shinny black hair hangs to his waist.
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